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Friday, November 20, 2009

give some positive life to young girls

Daul Kim in Russh Australia- we wish her family well wishes
It is not usually we comment on something so sad, however, with the recent news of 20 year old model Daul Kim passing away, maybe from a possible suicide, it makes me so passionate to spread the message of how important it is to create strong role models & support for young girls that allows them to make positive decisions for their lives.
Daul Kim recently featured on the cover and editorial of Russh Australia and was a successful model, reaching her potential.

Please help to create strong positive lives and decisions for young girls by looking into what you can do. Miss Unkon supports the Amira Project, an event and project designed to impact the lives of young girls. You can be invovled too.

Live in utter passionate expression.
Miss Unkon

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