A girl that loves fashion to dance, laugh, cry and play in. She loves to create her own style and is influenced by the underground and pop fashion icons and where she is at with her love, life & career. She is passionate about life and making a difference to her world and the environment that we live in.
Fashion is her LOVE that never leaves.

PASSION is what she puts into her dreams and her world.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas

Lots of sparkling wishes for christmas & 2010. Thank you for all the
support & journey through such a wonderful year!

from all the girls and guys from Miss Unkon


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Miss Unkon Girl of the Week ♥

The weeks Miss Unkon Girl was spotted at the Lick It Xmas Party @ The Powerhouse on Wednesday night!

Name: Estelita
Age: 18
Hot pick for summer: Vintage Lover Shorts
Favourite Miss Unkon piece: Little Loves Shorties!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Miss Unkon media love in Dolly Magazine - out now.
Featuring pretty little headpiece inspiration from Miss Unkon at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week this year. Oooh doesn't our model Brittany look so stunning and our super talent Becca for her fab bodyart, hair and make-up!
And look who else gives some inspiration , the lovely Zooey Deschanel.
love always
Miss Unkon


OK MAGAZINE features Miss Unkon, Little Loves shorties in chambray and pretty pink frill in their trend shopping this week!
Get some high waisted heaven in you Miss Unkon little loves which are exclusively available at leblackbook. Get these limited edtions here
PS- black also available
Love always
Miss Unkon

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Creative Day ♥

Today at Miss Unkon, we spent the day researching for our upcoming collections and making plans for our show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010 that we are all very excited about!

While sipping on chai in our creative space, we sorted through piles and piles of books, inspirational pictures and magazines. We came up with some fabulous ideas!

Keep updated with everything here at Miss Unkon, we'd love to have you come along for the ride!

Love always

Miss Unkon


We ♥ Tavi

Tween fashion blogger Tavi stole our hearts when her blog 'Style Rookie' turned into a world-wide phenomenon!

Her latest stunt? Gracing the pages of POP magazine. (another of our magazine crushes)

Go Tavi!

Love Miss Unkon



Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to all our beautiful Miss Unkon girls!

What is everyone up to this weekend? As Christmas is approaching im sure you all have lots of amazing parties to attend! So, we thought we would give you some ideas of how to add a touch of Miss Unkon to that fabulous festive outfit!

Add some feminine chic with the 'We Love Bows' dress. Available for a limited time at Princess Polly, N'8ked Decision, Atlas Divine and Birdmotel.com.au!

Get ready for Summer with the Limited Edition Dear Sir Shorties in pink! Available at Leblackbook.com.au!

Live Passionately

Miss Unkon


Festival Girls

Last Sunday was Stereosonic Music Festival and were were out and about on the hunt for some Miss Unkon girls! Floral prints, denim shorts and cute headpieces were definately the trends that were most popular at this year's event. Here's some photos of our favourite looks, courtesy of our good friend The Cobra Snake.

Miss Unkon

Look to Love today!

We are in love, the whole world is in love!! Fall in love with the Miss Unkon Dear Moi crop top and Days are for dancing skirt. Who hearts this style?
Days are for Dancing skirt available at Madison Jorge boutique and N'8ked Decision
Dear Moi top available N'8ked Decision, Atlas Divine,
Black Dear Moi top available at leblackbook
Miss Unkon


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Miss Unkon Girl of the Week

This week we have two beautiful Miss Unkon Girls!
Spotted on their way to the Bats Zine Party in Fortitude Valley on Saturday afternoon, Leane and Elizabeth were more than happy to chat to us about life, love, fashion and Miss Unkon!
Leane and Elizabeth are both 16 and from Brisbane.
Leane's hot pick for this season are the Karen Walker Square Sunglasses and Elizabeth will be rocking her black Doc Martens all summer long.
When asked their favourite Miss Unkon piece, both got very excited over the 'We love Bows' dress available at Princess Polly!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

♥ poems in a little bit of black chic

Love Poems
I wait by the light of the moon.
I do not know for what or whom I wait.
But I wait on the top of a dune.
And while I wait, I eat bonbons.
Black corseted Jumpsuit- available at The Tribune & Atlas Divine
Boyfriendless days leggings - available at Princess Polly, Madison Jorge, Atlas Divine, www.leblackbook.com.au
Miss Unkon

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dress of the day!

Live the life you love dress,
available at Madison Jorge Boutique and Atlas Divine


miss Unkon

Friday, December 4, 2009

Miss Unkon Girl of the Week

This week's Miss Unkon Girl is Creative Director, Courtney Meyer!

Courtney sat down with fashion intern Leni to discuss her inspirations, aspirations and passion behind her label, Miss Unkon.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
I always just had a love of creativity and fashion but the defining point was when was 12 and read my sisters Barbie book. I remember reading it one day where it told the story of Barbie as a designer. She was all prepared for her big show, when at the last moment a catastrophe happened backstage. Barbie then saved the show by putting all this glitter into the girls hair and sparkles all over the beautiful big dresses so that they shined and shimmered down the runway. In my mind this was so magical. I knew that this is what I wanted to do….create magic with fashion. Bring all those beautiful stories and people’s passion to life through fashion.

What was the first piece of clothing you ever created?
First piece that I designed and made a pattern for was a top and skirt made from this awful purple fabric that was a scrap piece. Then I put these stud buttons down the side which you could take off with these little details tags. It was quite funny.

What has been your greatest achievement?

The ability to create beautiful, inspiring and creative experiences with such an amazing team! Being invited to show at RAFW in 2009 for New Generation and the whole creative team being there and part of the creative experience.

Are you inspired by any other designers? If so, who and why?
Yes, I am inspired by so many different designers for their creativity and personality. I love Galliano and Alexander McQueen, their shows connected to my inner fashion theatric. I also love Stella McCartney for her animal love and care.

What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
Creating a story and experience that brings passion, creativity and possibility to people’s lives through sparkling, creative and visual experiences. I love to create experiences that give you that ‘eee’ feeling.

What are your plans for the Miss Unkon show at next year’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week?
A beautiful, theatric experience- something that will delight and surprise. We have lots of creative surprises…..it’s going to be an exciting journey.

What motivated you to become a part of the Amira Project?
The passion of the team and the opportunity to be part of a project for charity that is a little bit more creative, edgy, feminine and exciting than the usual charity. Amira Project puts on Princess Parties for teen girls with low self confidence to make an impact in their lives. The experiences of the girls on the day of their Princess Party is so special. They transform into the powerful, strong girl they are inside, an experience which will always be with them.

Who is a Miss Unkon girl to you?
A girl that loves fashion, to dance, laugh, cry and play in. She loves to create her own style and is influenced by the underground and pop fashion icons and where she is at with her love, life & career. She is passionate about life and making a difference to her world and the environment that we live in.
Fashion is her LOVE that never leaves.
PASSION is what she puts into her dreams and her world.

Where can we find Miss Unkon?
In our amazing boutiques:
QLD: Princess Polly, Madison Jorge Boutique and The Tribune
NSW: N’8Ked Decision
WA: Atlas Divine
www.birdmotel.com.au and www.leblackbook.com.au
We love them all- hope you do too!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A LOVE NOTE from Miss Unkon
Smile & make a difference to someone's day
Lots of love
Miss Unkon

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome December

We ♥ December. We Love Bows Dress - get it here
@ Birdmotel.com.au
We ♥ December; smile it's fun crop top - get it here
@ Birdmotel

Miss Unkon


Be pretty, Be Fun, Have Fun in the Holiday Sun!!
Pretty Miss Unkon Dress, We Love Bows Dress available at birdmotel
limited edition pretty dress with black bow and pink floral print.
Miss Unkon


Miss Unkon