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Friday, August 27, 2010

Miss Unkon at RSFF

wherever it leads dress- silver
hey!girl skirt- lullaby & the sweet life top- silver
about a girl maxi dress- silver & girl of my dreams cape-silver
sunday in the park dress- denim
the sweet life top-lullaby & so long farewell shorts- lullaby

what's this magical dress- lullaby & her love story dress-lullaby
wherever it leads dress-lullaby & follow your dreams jacket- lullaby
hello cupcake dress- lullaby

We've just come back from the Miss Unkon show tonight at RSFF.
The girls just look pretty as a petal.

Miss Unkon


Esther said...

beautiful! pretty as a petal describes these perfectly :)

style said...

I saw the show and it was gorgeous, congratulations.

Do you know by any chance who the last model is in the pics? I saw her in quite a few shows and I thought she was brilliant.

miss unkon said...

thank you!
Style, the last model in these pics was also one of our lovely girls from the Miss Unkon individual show at RAFW SS10/11. Her name is Eliza. She is lovely.

miss unkon