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Thursday, July 14, 2011


So girls...have we got some exciting news. Miss Unkon head office  is moving! Yes moving into a bigger new Miss Unkon land. It is the most yummy old warehouse. It's big, white with battered wooden floorboards and has lots of space for us to decorate, draw and make into a aheartful place to create from.

There is going to be a studio and we hope to invite and have special little collaboration projects happening all the time.
So we are looking for your ideas, tips, places to find super beautiful furnishings that will turn this space into an inspirring place.

If you have any ideas and know any great places to shop, send them this way.

miss unkon

this is a few things that are inspiring us at the moment

handmade and blacksmithed made with love

chalboard drawings of welcome

(drawing by Jahne)

inspiring heavy desks and vintage furniture
(thanks for this inspiration image from oracle fox)

White and light

drawings created by people we love
(drawing by rosy nicholas)


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Beautiful apple desktop.