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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Here it is, a glimpse, a little bit of the soul & love that we put into each collection before and when it is created. Soul, heart and storytelling that takes you on a journey is what we love to share with you. Below is a glimpse of many hours of searching, taking photos and drawing.
This collection 'Girls With Kaleidoscope Minds' is dropping into stores next month, so take a peek below at what inspired us for this season.

miss unkon
 body art from Miss Unkon RAFW 2011 collection created by the talented Becca Gilmartin
inspiration for the mood board for SS11 'Girls With Kaleidoscope Minds'
sydney street art
becca gilmartin performing her magic at RAFW 2011

moodboard for SS11 Miss Unkon 'Girls With Kaleidoscope Minds'

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noura. said...

this is amazing oh my god