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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LOVE & LIFE 01.02.2012

LOVE & LIFE / she's so arty outfit

miss unkon raindancer top in lilac
miss unkon follow love skirt in rose
straw hat from bondi markets
samantha wills bracelet
necklace from sportsgirl
pretty clock from newtown
lovely relaxing lavender from Pamela's garden
spaces magazine
calvin klein watch
little daisies in a happy vase
moleskine notebooks for writing exciting stories and creating pretty sketches


a. said...

THis whole outfit is gorgeous! I am also obsessed with moleskin journals, they're just so great to write every little thought in.


Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

Moleskin journals are huge in the computer/IT industry and being someone who works at my computer all day long, you might think that I was a bit of a fan, but i much prefer a simple exercise book - cheap and effective - I do my best work in them and the number of colours are endless.
By the way the scalloped edges of that skirt are amazing - so cute and feminine.
Gems x

Anonymous said...