A girl that loves fashion to dance, laugh, cry and play in. She loves to create her own style and is influenced by the underground and pop fashion icons and where she is at with her love, life & career. She is passionate about life and making a difference to her world and the environment that we live in.
Fashion is her LOVE that never leaves.

PASSION is what she puts into her dreams and her world.

Friday, July 6, 2012


LOVE & LIFE is about the essence of a miss unkon girls life. 
LOVE- what is she loving, passions, experiences & how she goes about in her day wearing miss unkon. LIFE what is happening in her life, what is she reading, what is she exploring in her day and with her LOVE & LIFE she wears and takes her miss unkon into her journey.

Miss Unkon The Keeper dress
Vintage lace scarf
A favourite pair of sandals Handmade stone bracelets
Mirage Magazine
Pretty candles wrapped in beads
Sparkly white stones

We are so excited to show you our new 'The Soul Keepers' Transeasonal range. The range will be dropping into stores this month but we are offering pre-orders for our favourite five pieces.

Our super pretty 'Keeper Dress' is available for pre-order here, yay! 

Live Passionately 
Miss Unkon 

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