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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

today we had some fun

The fabulous Miss Unkon team, Becca Gilmartin, Alanda Noble, NellyPro, Jessie @ Jesselle Management had some fun today shooting for MX magazine.
MX has a fabulous little newie fashion mag called Gloss & Glam coming to all you lovely people in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and is featuring Miss Unkon in the coming months!!!
So off we trooped into the bucketing down rain to the amazing location, bar/restaurant Cloudland in Brisbane. We were so inspired that we just had to pick up the camera & create our own little story...... And this is what we came up with!!!
A story with a little bit of sorbet sweetness and romance...our amazing model Alanda Noble (we love her) who also featured in our Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Show in a starring role, is featured here in the Becca Gilmartin for Miss Unkon ' Pretty Little Sparkles Headpiece'

So in the words of the amazing Becca Gilmartin...off we happy danced with smiles no matter if it is raining, hailing or shining.

The amazing Becca Gilmartin who creates the hair, Make-up & body artwork for Miss Unkon wove her magic on our beautiful model Alanda Noble, we love her!!! Nellypro created the pretty photos, Courtney Styling.

Miss Unkon

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