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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miss Unkon @ RAFW tip top vid by Peny Lane

the life of a colourful lady
Inspired by my grandmother Edna, who was a woman who loved life, was passionate, colourful and loved fashion. This collection is a dedication to her beautiful essence and spirit which is an inspiration to a way that a young girl can also live by.

Thank you to the amazing Peny Lane team for filming and creating the Miss Unkon video!!!You are the best and we thank you with big sparkling smiles!!
Lots of hugs!!
have a check of her amazing site and happenings http://www.penylane.com/

The RAFW Miss Unkon collection, 'The Life of a Colourful Lady' is coming into stores in September!!! oooh how exciting!!!
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Miss Unkon


Anita said...

Hi, Miss Unkon.
My names Anita, i hope you don't think i'm a creep or anything. I already left you a message at your Myspace page. i saw ur video of RAFW. and i really liked your clothes as i've said before. and i wanted to post a comment and give you my support. I love clothes, fashion too, i'm currently studying diploma of applied fashion at Box hill, Melb. i really connected with your looks and your style, i also love vintage, films, old fashion memories, being cheeky and spontanious, dressing up like charaters from a movie of your own life. but basiclly just having fun with it. i design clothes too, but i always think in Australia, the taste of the possible female customers would be hard to please, with out sacraficing my own style. woh thats a long comment. to start out with. any way, love what you do, i am very looking forward to your future designs and success. bye

miss unkon said...

HI Anita
Thank you- you've captured the Miss Unkon girl spirit :)