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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Media Lover- Girlfriend Editorial October 2009

Girlfriend Magazine Editorial -October 2009
Miss Unkon - Smile it's fun crop top
Black available at www.birdmotel.com.au


Devi Yolanda said...

wow i love all your collection! i'm going to melbourne, can you tell me where is your shop ? thankss

miss unkon said...

Hi Devi
thank you for dropping by and for loving Miss Unkon. It is so exciting to hear from you.

Miss Unkon is currently not available in Melbourne, soon it will be. However, I noticed that you are in Jakarta which is exciting, we'd love to stock there.

You will be able to purchase Miss Unkon from the amazing online stores www.birdmotel.com.au and www.leblackbook.com.au
The Smile It's Fun top is available from these stores!!!

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Agent of Art said...

nice collection!

miss unkon said...

Thanks Agent for dropping by :)