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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pretty Little Sparkles- a collaboration

Pretty Little Sparkles flourishes from 'The Life of a Colourful Lady Collection.'
Miss Unkon and their amazing make-up artist, hairstylist and all round creative talent Becca Gilmartin have joined their creative love of sparkles and all things nice to create these special limited edition, completely handmade headpieces for you.
Exclusively available at Madison Jorge Boutique and seen in RAFW
Instore September
Thank you again to www.nellypro.com for the amazing photography and Brittany - model to watch!!!!
miss unkon


Jess said...

Really pretty pictures! Those headpieces are awesome!

miss unkon said...

Thanks Jess :) The headpieces certainly make you look stunning!!!

Ms Unreliable said...

Absolutely stunning! I hope you don't mind but I featured them on my blog, with a link back of course!

rachel may said...

these are beautiful! i wish you sold them in brisbane :(

fantastic pieces through and through~ :D


miss unkon said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments.

Thanks Ms Unreliable for featuring Miss Unkon on your blog. An absolute joy.

Rachel :) you could give the lovely Madison Jorge Boutique a call and see if you can order one from them. I am sure that they will be more than happy to help. These pieces are certainly special- one a kind.
(07) 4922 1911 or shop@madisonjorge.com.au

xx miss unkon

Agent of Art said...

i love this pictures! very sexy and beautifull!