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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


With the collection created by Miss Unkon for Sportsgirl it's been a lovely journey putting the carefully selected collection together. With the launch in stores and online coming up soon on November the 14th here is a visual look into the inspiration behind the collection.

 What are we doing for Sportsgirl?
Miss Unkon has created a capsule fashion collaboration collection for the sportsgirl girl that is free spirited, full of passion & loves to have a style that she can make her own.

When is the collection instore?
14th November 2011
Miss Unkon for sportsgirl will be instore and online! Be sure to get in quick.


What is the inspiration behind the Miss Unkon for Sportsgirl collaboration pieces? The collection is called ‘Girls Who Love…’
At Miss Unkon we create collections that take girls on the journey of their lives, it is inspired by nature, the freedom of self expression, of being in love, summer, festival season. She can create her own style with this collection, shaping her character and her world.

Do any of the garments in the range have special names/inspiration behind names?
Each Miss Unkon piece in all our collections have special names.
Two kinds of love maxi dress– love of self, love of others
Dream weaver top and dress – a girls dreams are not defined to one but many, she weaves them into her life and creates them to inspire others.
Little Magic Playsuit – the magic of dreams
The edge of seventeen – this is inspired by the coming of age when you are at that edge of discovering the endless possibilities of what who can be in life.
Her destiny short – every girl has a destiny in her life

Tell us about the colours and prints? We have fallen in love with the print , a vintage style print uniquely recreated for the Miss Unkon for Sportsgirl collection. We are so excited for this print as we wanted something that was colourful, showed nature and reflected our love of bringing a vintage nostalgia imagery to the collection. It is lovely to create something from another era to be new again.
This has been complimented with splashes of purple, white and black to give you a whole complete Miss Unkon look for summer.
Day or night outfits? Both. You get to wear it whatever way you love.

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