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Thursday, November 3, 2011


So we had to keep this secret for ages but now we can share it with you all!!!
The amazing creative team at Sportsgirl put together their 'Dream a Little Dream' instore mag issue which featured the Miss Unkon collaboration and the Two Kinds of Love Maxi dress.
It was such a fun and creative shot with the amazing talented team Michelle Jank stylist & Georges Antoni who captured the lovely Bridget.
Yes this is quite a few bucket loads of pink milk being creatively thrown onto the amazing Bridget.

See the behind the scenes in motion above..
The magazine is out now in sportsgirl stores so be sure to grab a copy when you hop into stores to grab your hands on Miss Unkon on the 14th November.
Miss Unkon


i make. you wear it. said...

this is so great!

Jess said...

Stunning babe. x

kathy said...

such an amazing shot!

rachel kara said...

These are beyond stunning. Amazing team, amazing results.