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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


so we want to share with you our obsession with knits. yes the Miss Unkon knits have recently dropped into stores.  These knits are so cosy. Let us take you on a journey of the story of these knits.

When we were designing the When We Grow Up, we really wanted to creat ea knit that was so cosy, comfy and stylish that a Miss Unkon girl could make any of her outfits instantly have a textured and loving feel to her day and a little bit of instant yumminess.

So ta-da enter Miss Unkon knits.  Every single one of these knits are hand knitted by these little ladies & they knit super fast to create these in a day. wow!  they are so soft and we feel they have lots of characteristics that make it feel very loved, treasured and a little bit special.

so with names like mother nature jumper, hold me forever long knit cardi, ever shooting star jacket.....we hope you feel the heartfelt love when you mix these up with your uberstylish style for  winter. And .my my hasn't the weather changed.
It's perfect winter knit time!

miss unkon
mother nature jumper
ever shooting star jacket

hold me forever long cardi

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Rowan said...

I love your clothes and your brand everything is so amazing!!!!