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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Let us take a moment to share with you the amazing love and care of friends. Leading up to fashion week this year, as always it is such an exciting time with many new projects and little details to be done. We are also really prone to come up with ideas we love when hmmm, we have limited time.

In a moment of styling excitement we got so excited to create friendship bracelets as they were a perfect match to go with the theme of 'Girls with Kaleidoscope Minds' a story about a girl that is kind, creative and likes to make little drawings and friendship bracelets in her moments of time. So amoungst all this idea we set about at the Miss Unkon office remembering times of early teen years making those friendship bracelets. We got out the books & searched the internet & began to create. Our first few were 'interesting' but once we got the hang of it we started experimenting and we had so much fun choosing colours and ooh and ahhing over each others finished friendship bracelets.

With limited time before the show, our dear friends all came over and the space took over into teen craft heaven, committedly working to create around 100 friendship bracelets.

We love fashion week. I love how it brings together friends & supporters of Miss Unkon together to create and be part of something that is quite magical. thank you dear friends for being here throughout the journey, always willing to do whatever it takes for Miss Unkon to be the vision we set out to create. To showing the true love you have to make dreams come true. You truely make this time very special and amazing, we will treasure it forever.

Thank you Kim,Ashleigh and Leanne, Mary & Georgia, Becca, Jahne, Jodin, Brinley, Lara, Dana, Yonta, Nelson, Pamela, Mike, Augusta & Cat
we ♥  you

miss unkon


Lesley said...

Who needs bling? These bracelets are ticketyboo!! :)

Lesley said...

Who needs bling? These bracelets are tickety boo :)