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Fashion is her LOVE that never leaves.

PASSION is what she puts into her dreams and her world.

Friday, May 27, 2011

LOVE & LIFE 27.05.2011

this is the first of these posts. yay! So LOVE & LIFE is about the essence of a miss unkon girls life.
It is her LOVE- what is she loving, passions, experiences & how she goes about in her day wearing miss unkon. LIFE what is happening in her life, what is she reading, what is she exploring in her day.
and with her LOVE & LIFE she wears and takes her miss unkon into her journey.

miss unkon ever shooting star jacket in peach,
miss unkon the sweet life top
miss unkon the so long farwell shorts
mum's vintage belt
fashionary notebook
virginia woolf novel
mulberry's 40th year celebration book & limited edition tote
mac lippy
roughed up boyfriend boots


alexandra rose said...

i know this sounds ridiculous
but i am so glad i've found you
i found a picture of you on tumblr
and it was just so stunning
what a glorious coincidence to have stumbled across your blog
i adore your things , they're all oh so beautiful

Heather said...

Those shorts are beautiful!! I totally love them!!! WANT!


cathy. said...

This is so amazing, that jacket looks like the best shag pile rug of my life. Pretty much need this outfit in my life permanently.


Nenu said...

Oh God! This is like the most beautiful outfit ever!!
I want everything!!!!
Check out, http://wavesoverdawn.blogspot.com/
Happy Blogging

Pippa said...

Can I pls wear this every day of my life?